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May 10, 2018
At the John Steinbeck Library, the Literacy Center teems with adult learners and adults at Cesar Chavez Library take full advantage of the Alisal Room to gain computer and language skills. Our Libraries in East and South Salinas strive to serve the adult population, but the current El Gabilan Library, with only 3200 square feet, must squeeze in adults, while pushing everyone else out.   Last week we reviewed how the architects transformed community feedback into a new design for the El Gabilan Library and how that new building will serve children and teens. This week we are reviewing some of the key features for adults. We believe that you won't be disappointed.
We've listened! For adults, the new 21,000 square foot library will provide an experience unlike any other in the area. Connect with community members, discover a new book, attend a class or find a quiet place. At the new El Gabilan you will be able to:
  • Explore more books, music and videos.
  • Relax in a quiet space in the adult "living room".
  • Attend a business meeting or learn a new skill in the Library's five classroom/conference rooms.
  • Find solace in the Library's secluded outdoor space.
  • Enjoy a concert in the outdoor amphitheater or hear a lecture.
  • Socialize and conduct business in the library's Internet Café.
  • Spend family time in the Library's Maker Space and Digital Arts Studio
  • Participate in an adult program in the large program room.
Final financial decisions will be on the agenda regarding the El Gabilan Library at the City Council on May 15th. We welcome the public to attend. Please explore these renderings and share with us on Facebook your ideas about the final design for El Gabilan and on the future of our community.