BABY Program

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Free books for babies!

We will provide up to 6 free engaging books during the first year of your baby’s life. Our goal is to help build personal home libraries from an early age so that parents and children can snuggle together and enjoy a good book. As a parent, you are your child's first and most important teacher. Without a doubt, reading with children spells success for early literacy.

Why books are good for babies:

Babies are born ready to learn. Reading to your child stimulates brain development which helps them learn important language and social skills from an early age.

Reading engages all their senses. Babies will hear, touch, smell, and see you and the books while reading together. You are their favorite person; taking and holding them makes them feel safe and connected.

Babies will develop a love for reading. Studies show that early literacy and language exposure can help kids become better readers in school.


How to get your free books:

- Complete a BABY form to signup . A staff member will contact you to confirm registration.

- Collect your quality and engaging books throughout the year. 

- Get a free library card for your child at the Salinas Public Library. Yes, a baby can get a library card. 



For more information contact Teri at TheresaR [at]