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  • Photo Credit: Jay Dunn

The Salinas Public Library is delighted to partner with local teachers to help students with projects or learn about the library in a hands-on visit.

To reserve materials or request lists of available materials that pertain to a particular subject or project that has been assigned in a class, please fill out the Assignment Alert Form. We will have items ready for a teacher to pick-up at their nearest branch. We can even check out the items in advance. Please bring your own bags, boxes, or crates to transport the materials back to class.

If you would like to bring a class to one of the Library branches, please fill out the Class Visit Form. Our staff will tailor the visit to suit the needs and grade level of the group. We can also prepare resources and materials that relate to a topic that is being studied back in class. If you would like to allow the students to check out materials as part of the visit, they will each need their own library card.