Friends of the Salinas Public Library

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Friends of the Salinas Public Library (FOSPL) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public-benefit organization of volunteers providing financial contributions to the Salinas Public Library.  FOSPL funds programs and purchases not within the Library budget, such as fundraising in 2019-2020 to supplement collection at the new El Gabilan Library.  FOSPL also works to create public awareness of and community support for the Library system and its programs. 


Being a member of FOSPL means that you help to support, promote, and advocate on behalf of the Library. Please consider being a member of Friends by completing this form.
Membership information is available here.


Visit the Friends’ Bookshop for books, movies, and other interesting nonfiction, history and “coffee table” books. Bookshop is located at John Steinbeck Library and currently open Tuesday-Thursday 2:00pm - 5:00pm.
They accepts material donations for resale at the Friends Bookshop. Please refer to FOSPL’s donation acceptance guidelines for more information.

Big Book Sales

You won't want to miss FOSPL's Big Book Sales!  The next book sales will take place on August 7th, October 2nd, and December 4th.  Next year's 2022 Big Book Sales are scheduled for February 5,  April 2nd, June 4th! 

All sales are located at the Book Warehouse at 7 Station Place in the Salinas Train Station.