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In 2019, Salinas Public Library (SPL) established Book Club Express service to support book clubs throughout Salinas. Modeled after Monterey County Free Libraries’ (MCFL) Book Club to Go, started it in 2008, Book Club Express offers a one stop resource for book clubs. In May, SPL and MCFL started a pilot partnership to combine resources to support the book clubs throughout Salinas and Monterey County. The pilot partnership program, known as Book Club to Go (BC2G) is a program dedicated to encouraging the development and success of book clubs in Monterey County.

BC2G bags offer a variety of titles in fiction, non-fiction, English and Spanish. Each bag includes ten copies of the book, one set of discussion questions, one set of discussion leader tips, and one sign-out sheet.

They can be checked out for six weeks. Some bags are located at Seaside Branch Library of MCFL and some at John Steinbeck Library of SPL. Cardholders of both library systems can checkout and reserve bags for up to one year in advance. SPL and MCFL cards are free and available to all. To apply for a MCFL card, click here to use the online form. To apply for a SPL card, please visit any of the SPL Branches.

Not every book is for every book club. Please read the book before reserving it for your group. If you need a recommendation, ask your librarian for help.


Requesting a bag 

  • Patrons who have both library cards have a choice of using any of the above methods of contacting us. Rule of thumb: for bags located at MCFL it is easier and faster to reserve them at MCFL, for bags located at SPL it is easier and faster to reserve them at SPL.

Checking out a bag

  • Each bag will be checked out on the library card of the person who reserves it. That person is responsible for the bag and all of its contents. 
  • To check out a bag at any of MCFL branches please bring your MCFL card. To check out a bag at SPL please bring your SPL card.
  • Bags must be checked out as a whole; individual contents cannot be checked out separately. 
  • Bags will be checked out for a period of six weeks. 
  • A bag may be renewed provided no other group has a hold on it. To renew a bag, or to cancel a hold please contact us directly.

Returning a bag

  • Please check to make sure all of the contents are present before returning a bag.
  • If your group loses or damages a book you have two options: replace it with another copy of the book that is the same edition and in good condition or pay the replacement fee for the book ($15).
  • Replacement fees for an entire bag including its contents are $150.
  • Bags must be returned by the date they are due. Overdue bags will incur a fee of 25 cents per day.
  • Bags with missing contents will also incur a fee of 25 cents per day until the missing items are returned.
  • Bags checked out at any branch of MCFL can be returned at any branch of MCFL. Bags checked out at SPL can be returned to any branch of SPL
  • Bags must be returned to a library staff member during open hours. They cannot be placed in the book drop.