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Every author has an audience they're writing for. To get your book in their hands, you need to know the basics of marketing, and the rules of the road for convincing libraries, bookstores, and online retailers to take a chance on you and your creation.

And no matter whether you're at the "idea" stage or have the finished product ready to go, there are decisions you can make at each stage to help the marketing and sales pipelines work best for you.

We'll cover:

  • the basics of marketing for books
  • author responsibilities for self-published vs publishing house authors
  • using your writing skills to level-up your marketing
  • working with bookstores and libraries
  • the basics of outreach and engagement with authors and readers of your genre
  • working with cover artists, editors, and other pros

To register:

Questions? Contact Cathy at CathleenA [at]