Local Newspaper Continuations

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Salinas City Index (1871-1883) > Salinas Weekly Index (1883 to 1928)

Salinas Daily Journal (1889 to 1897) > Salinas Index Journal (1928 to 1942) > Salinas Californian (1942-
Salinas Daily Index (1894, 1896-1928)

Monterey Democrat (1888-1889) > Salinas Democrat (1889-1896) > Salinas Weekly Journal (1896-1915) > phased out, see Salinas Daily Journal
The Owl (1894)
Monterey County Post (1929-1933) > Salinas Daily Post (1933-1936) > Salinas Morning Post (1936-1942) > merged with Salinas Californian
The Phillippines Mail (1933-1983)


  1. Dates given are dates of material at the Salinas Public Library, not dates of publication.
  2. Not all issues are present; many early issues are missing or damaged.
  3. All papers are on microfilm except The Owl, LHR 071 OWL, and current issues of the Californian.
  4. First issues of papers may appear at the end of microfilm under the old name, i.e., first issues of the Salinas Daily Post appear with the last issues of the Monterey County Post. Last issues of the Salinas Daily Post appear on the first reel of the Salinas Morning Post.