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John Steinbeck Quick Facts

Born February 27, 1902, 132 Central Avenue, Salinas California, in the front bedroom of the home
Graduated from Salinas High School in June of 1919
Attended Stanford University, 1919-1925
Died of a heart attack in New York, December 20, 1968
Buried in the Garden of Memories Cemetery family plot in Salinas

Steinbeck Family

Father: John Ernst Steinbeck, 1863-1935, Monterey County Treasurer
Mother: Olive Hamilton Steinbeck, 1867-1934, teacher​
Esther Steinbeck Rodgers, April 14, 1892-May 9, 1986, lived in Watsonville
Elizabeth Steinbeck Ainsworth: May 25, 1894-October 20, 1992, lived in Pacific Grove
Mary Steinbeck Dekker, January 9, 1905-January 23, 1965, buried in family plot
Carol Henning Steinbeck Brown, married1930, divorced from Steinbeck1942, livedinCarmel Valley, died February 8, 1983 at the Community Hospital in Monterey
Gwyndolyn Conger Steinbeck, married 1943, divorced 1948, died December 30, 1975 in Colorado
Elaine Anderson Scott Steinbeck, married 1950, widowed 1968, died 2003, buried in the Garden of Memories in Salinas

Thom Steinbeck, born August 2, 1944, author
John Steinbeck IV, June 12, 1946, died February 7, 1991
(mother of Thom and John IV is Gwyndolyn)

Awards and Honors

1935  Commonwealth Club of California Gold Medal for Best Book by a Californian (Tortilla Flat)
1936  The California Novel of 1936 Prize (In Dubious Battle)
1938  New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award (Of Mice and Men)
1939  Member of National Institute of Arts and Letters – American Booksellers’ Award
1940  Pulitzer Prize Fiction Award (The Grapes of Wrath)-New York Times 5-7-1940, 1:2
1946  King Haakon Liberty Cross (The Moon Is Down) 1948 Member of American Academy of Arts and Letters
1962  Nobel Prize for Literature
1963  Honorary Consultant in American Literature to the Library of Congress
1964  United States Medal of Freedom
Trustee of John F. Kennedy Memorial Library Annual Paperback of the Year Award
Press Medal of Freedom
1966 Member of National Arts Council
1979 U.S. Postal Service issued a John Steinbeck Commemorative Stamp 1984 American Arts Gold Medallion of Steinbeck issued by the U.S. Mint