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Local History Files Subject Index

This Index lists the subject headings used in the Salinas Public Library Local History Files located at the John Steinbeck Library, 350 Lincoln Street in Salinas, California. The headings used in the files appear in Bold Faced type. The word See refers the reader from a subject heading that is not used, to the subject heading that is being used in this index and in the files; the words See also indicate a subject heading where additional material may be found. In some cases the See also reference is to material in the Local History Subject files; in some cases the See also reference is to material in the Local History Biography files; and in some cases the reference is to a book in the Local His tory Book Collection. On occasion subject headings in the regular Library Catalog files are given after See also. Only true Local History File subject headings should appear in the darker type in this index.

Most of the material in these files dates fro m the 1970’s, however, some articles are of an earlier date, and some are much later. Individual subjects may have only one article, or a subject may have many articles. It is not known how long the Salinas Public Library has been collecting information concerning the local area. Since the library opened in 1909, many library workers and generous donors have contributed material to the library. The library also has a project to index the Salinas Californian, the local newspaper. This indexing project began late in 1982 and will continue until the papers of June 2002 are indexed.