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Computer Classes

Computing for Beginners (10 weeks IN-PERSON)

Does technology make you nervous? Join our computer class for beginners and become familiar with the basic operation of a Chromebook (simplified laptop computer). In this class you will learn basic vocabulary and terminology, become comfortable with sending and receiving emails, and learn how to search the internet safely. 

Mandatory orientation: El Gabilan Library, August 9 @ 10am 

Classes: Fridays @ Cesar Chavez Library 10-12pm / Saturdays @ Cesar Chavez Library 10-12pm


Beyond Basics Computer Class (10 weeks IN-PERSON)

Develop transferable skills by focusing on the most common Google Apps: Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets and Slides. You will learn tips and tricks to set up and maintain an organized and effective digital life. With the support of instructors and volunteers, you will learn how to navigate the online world securely and how to create, edit and share files with classmates. 

Mandatory orientation: El Gabilan Library, August 9 @ 10am

Classes: Wednesdays @ El Gabilan Library 5-7pm

Open Lab (when classes are in session): Practice your digital skills in a supportive environment. Open to Beginner and Beyond Basics participants on Tuesdays and Thursdays 2-4pm @ John Steinbeck Library


Intermediate Blended Class (10 weeks In-person & Online):

ALL NEW! Join our redesigned Intermediate class in-person and/or online. In our new blended classroom you will expand your basic computing skills with the support of staff and volunteers. You will complete a variety of individual and group assignments that draw on Google’s Applied Digital Skills curriculum, and our own Literacy Exercises. Complete fun and practical project-based lessons that bring together the best of Google’s free and accessible applications. A weekly in-person class and online meeting will give you the chance to ask questions and share your work. 

Mandatory orientation: El Gabilan Library, August 9 @ 2pm (contact staff if you would like to join via ZOOM)

Classes: Tuesdays ONLINE, 6-7pm / Thursdays @ El Gabilan Library (or join ONLINE) 5-6pm


Advanced Self-directed Computer Class (10 weeks VIRTUAL):

Bring together all the digital skills you have learned in a challenging, project-based curriculum. This self-paced, online class will prepare you to streamline your work and personal lives with powerful, integrated tools. Collaborate with classmates on research projects, work together to create flyers, and other promotional materials, plan events, and create efficient and effective budgets to track your expenses. The skills you learn in this class are designed to be transferable and to help you move into the digital world with confidence. 

 Mandatory orientation: El Gabilan Library, August 9 @ 2pm (contact staff if you would like to join via ZOOM)

Weekly check in: Fridays (Zoom) 3-4pm

For information contact the Literacy Program on (831) 758-7916. To complete an Interest Form, click HERE