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Help your child reach their maximum potential by participating in our Parent-Child Playgroups for children ages 1-4. To register your child, or for more information, please call: (831) 758-7355.

The next session will begin on February 20, 2024 and meet once per week.  Advance registration is required for this program. 

In-person Playgroups


(831) 758-7355.

What is a Playgroup?

Young children thrive through healthy relationships with their family and community. The positive day-to-day interactions children have with their parents and caregivers – like talking, reading, singing, and playing – help them develop the skills they need to succeed in school and life. During playgroups, parent educators model interactions critical for children’s early leaning and social development and focus on play as the way young children learn. Parents get precious time to interact with their child, while giving the child a chance to interact with other children. Parent educators help parents continue the learning at home with suggestions for including children in everyday activities. Playgroups allow the child to learn routines that will prepare him or her for school. Parent educators are professionals who help parents value play as a meaningful learning experience.

What happens in a playgroup?

Each playgroup provides sensory play and exploratory activities that develop speech and language, creative play, cognitive development, and promote health and physical development as well as social and emotional development. We will sing songs, read books, serve a snack, support parents, and share best practices to get your child ready for Kindergarten.

Why is play important? 

Playing together strengthens the relationship between you and your child. Play also supports social development by helping children interact with others, learn to share and get along. Play is necessary for your child's brain development. Play with your child, encouraging him or her to explore, ask questions, understand his or her feelings, and become a good problem-solver.

When can I attend a playgroup?

You must fill out the Interest Form available at our libraries or fill out the form online. Registration and orientation are required for each session. After registering for the program you will be contacted to join the playgroups. Playgroups are located at three different locations: John Steinbeck Library, Cesar Chavez Library, and El Gabilan Library. Playgroups are facilitated by library staff who have received training in early childhood development.

For playgroups to be successful, consistent attendance is critical. A playgroup's size is limited to develop strong supportive relationships.