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El Gabilan Library

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The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History is coming to the Salinas Public Library! Explore and learn about our fascinating world through a small exhibit that offers a glimpse into the marvels and mysteries of the natural world. Topics range from fossils to flowers to animals.

PG Museum Experience
Wednesday, March 13 & April 10
2:30PM - 4:30PM @ El Gabilan Library

March 13 - During March, the Pacific Grove Museum will be theming our table around Dinosaurs! The museum will be showcasing dinosaur replica skulls and genuine fossils for guests to explore and examine. In addition to this, visitors can also participate in dinosaur-themed activities and crafts that are specially designed around dinosaurs. It's an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in prehistoric life to engage with real fossils and learn about the fascinating world of dinosaurs!

April 10 - Discover the fascinating Community Science Programs offered at the museum! Learn about the monitoring of Black Oystercatchers and the counting of Monarch butterflies. Explore the vital role of tracking these species and the role they play in ocean and environmental well-being. Delve into hands-on experiences with binoculars to understand their significance in monitoring Black Oystercatchers and counting Monarch Butterflies. Join us in contributing to meaningful scientific research while enjoying interactive learning experiences!

The PG Museum Experience will take place every second Wednesday of the month at one of our libraries. 

March 13 & April 10 at El Gabilan Library

May 8 at John Steinbeck Library