Internet and Technology Usage Policy

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Internet and Technology Usage Policy

Policy Statement 

The Library offers access to information resources in electronic format, as well as computers and other technology equipment that allows library users to explore, view and create digital content or to further develop knowledge and skills that increase their proficiency with utilizing technology. This policy governs the usage of both technology equipment owned by the library, as well as equipment that library visitors may utilize within the library to access library resources. 

Limitations & Restrictions 

The Library’s technology and digital services are not intended to provide access to every software or hardware application or to every source of information available. It is the user’s responsibility to exercise judgment and discrimination when evaluating the usefulness and reliability of material found on the Internet. The Salinas Public Library is not responsible for the content, security or reliability of web sites not created by the library. 

Parents or legal guardians shall assume responsibility for deciding which library resources are appropriate for their own children. It is both the right and the responsibility of parents and legal guardians to guide their own children’s usage of library resources in accordance with individual family beliefs. 

Library visitors are expected to use library-owned equipment in a responsible and courteous manner. Computers are located in public areas and shared by people of all ages and backgrounds. Internet users must be considerate and respectful of other library patrons and especially mindful of children in the library. Use of public computers for internet access to material that depicts sexual conduct of minors under the age of 18 or that displays material harmful to minors may violate different Penal Code provisions, such as Penal Code Sections 311.11 and 313.1, which may constitute a misdemeanor or felony offense under California law. A potentially unlawful use of public computers may be referred to law enforcement personnel for appropriate action. 

Computer Reservations and Time Limits 

A valid library card and password are required in order to reserve a computer. Visitors who may be in the area temporarily may request to be issued a guest pass. In order to provide equitable patron access, computer usage is limited to a finite number of sessions per day. Session limits may vary by location and by type of workstation and will be posted near the signup station. Computers must be reserved according to posted procedures. Library staff will protect user privacy by not giving out information about account numbers, and users may not utilize someone else’s library card for computer use. 

Some workstations have a dedicated purpose, such as using specialized learning and research services or completing homework and are to be used only for that dedicated purpose as posted. Some workstations are reserved, as posted, for use by children or for use by people with disabilities. 

Saving/Installing Files, Using External Devices & Printing 

To preserve patron privacy and ensure system functionality, software or files are not permanently saved to the hard disk of any library-owned computer. Personal software may NOT be installed on library computers. Also, the downloading of programs and other executable files is not allowed. Files may be saved to the user’s personal USB device, or other accepted storage device. 

The Library does not provide support for the patron’s equipment that is connected to the Library’s computers and does not assume liability for those devices’ functionality, contents or serviceability. 

All users are allowed five (5) free printed pages per day. Additional pages are available at the posted cost. In order to conserve resources, the Library encourages users to save digital files to personal devices for future reference rather than printing them. 


In general, the Library will treat information stored on computers as confidential (whether or not that information is protected by the computer operating system). Requests for disclosure of information will be honored only under one of the following conditions: 

• When authorized by the owners of the information; 

• When required by local, state or federal law. 

As part of normal system maintenance, network administrators do monitor system activity, but the Library does not reveal information about an individual’s use of computer resources unless compelled by law to do so. 

Activities on public computers or the Library public wireless network cannot be guaranteed any right to privacy. Users should exercise caution on any computer when transmitting personal or sensitive information. 

User Responsibilities 

All users of public computers or wireless network services shall: 

  • Comply with a library staff member’s reasonable request to refrain from or change a disruptive behavior. 
  • Sign up for only one computer session at a time. 
  • Report any loss or theft of their library card immediately. 
  • Observe the legal protections provided by copyright and license law, and computer abuse laws. 
  • Observe posted time limits and regulations for type of use.
  • Close all programs, log off and leave the workstation immediately at the end of their allotted time. 
  • Limit computer usage to a maximum of two people per workstation. 
  • Assume full responsibility for filing electronic forms. 
  • Report any equipment problems promptly to Library staff. 

All users of public computers or wireless network services shall NOT: 

  • Use sound and visuals which might disrupt the ability of other visitors to use the library and its resources. 
  • Share computer account numbers, passwords and other types of authorization that are assigned to individual users or use the account number of any other user to reserve or utilize technology resources. 
  • Download and/or install executable files from any source. 
  • Change the configuration files of any hardware or software on the Library’s workstations. 
  • Utilize library technology for any illegal purpose or activity. 
  • Misrepresent themselves on the Internet with the intention to commit harm, fraud, or as a source of electronic communication. 


The Library assumes no liability for any loss or damage to users’ data or devices, invasion of the user’s privacy, or for any personal damage or injury incurred as a result of using the Library’s technology resources. 

The Library is not responsible for the theft of personal computers or other devices, personal property loss or damage. 

The Library does not guarantee that individual users are protected from accessing information they personally may deem undesirable or disturbing. 


The Salinas Public Library reserves the right to restrict the use of its facilities and premises to persons who do not abide by the Library’s Rules of Conduct, which includes adherence to the Internet and Technology Usage Policy. Failure to comply with the Library’s established rules and policies could result in expulsion from the Library and revocation of Library privileges for a period of time specified by City of Salinas Resolution No. 11475, or in arrest and prosecution under California Penal Code Section 602.1(b).


Endorsed by the Library and Community Services Commission: July 13, 2016 ​