Library Fees

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Library Fees

Library card

  • First card: free
  • Replacement card: $2.00

Overdue item

  • Adult library materials: $0.25 per day, per item (no overdue fees starting on July 1, 2022).
  • Child/teen library materials: no overdue fees.

Replace lost/damaged item

  • Lost/Damaged: Cost of item, or $20.00 per item if cost unknown. Patrons may submit an equivalent replacement for an item that is lost or damaged, per approval the LCS Director or designee.
  • Processing fee: $5.00 per item. Cost to process replacements for lost/damaged items (including patron-provided replacements).
  • Repairable item damage: $5.00 per item.

Zip Books processing

  • No Zip Books fee.

Public printing 

  • B/W printing from computer: $0.10 per page. Library cardholder have $0.50 free printing allocation/day
  • Color printing from computer: $0.25 per page. Library cardholder have $0.50 free printing allocation/day
  • Copying from copy machine: $0.10 per page
  • Printing from microfilm reader: $0.10 per page.

Library Meeting Room

  • Application: $36.00 per 12 months. Fee waived for Library's current nonprofit/educational program partners.
  • Room rental Tier 1: Application fee only.
        Tier 1 is nonprofit associations and registered neighborhood associations (require verification of non-profit status/registered association).
  • Room rental Tier 2: $65.25 per hour.
         Tier 2 is Local or State Government associations (not including City of Salinas).
  • Room rental Tier 3: $92.75 per hour.
         Tier 3 is private or commercial usage.
  • Deposit for rental clean-up: $200 per event. Required if meals are to be served or decorations used.
  • Usage outside of library hours: Actual personnel costs plus tiered hourly fee.