Making the Rounds in the KinderMobile

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November 6, 2018

Library staff have had some busy mornings going out to 28 different elementary schools throughout Salinas to visit the Kindergarten children who now have new library cards. Over the last two months the library has issued 1546 new library cards to Kindergarten children in Salinas. The KinderMobile makes it possible for youth to use their new library cards to check out materials.

"That was the third "I love you" I heard today," said Casandra, our KinderMobile librarian, during a recent stop at Ms. Shetley's Kindergarten classroom at La Joya Elementary School. Each child is able to check out two books during the visit, and can either leave them in the classroom or take them home. The visits are monthly so they will be able to check them in and get new books within a month. Thanks to grants from the Claire Giannini Fund, and the Lois Lenski Covey Foundation, the library has been able to purchase new materials for this age group and keep the KinderMobile well stocked. What's there not to love?

For more information about the KinderMobile and our outreach services to local schools, please contact Community Education Manager Ernesto Lizaola at (831) 758-7229.