Basic and Intermediate Computer Classes Begin

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January 13, 2021

Adults need basic digital skills now more than ever.  Finding a job, helping a child with school homework, or making an appointment with a healthcare provider-- chances are these activities will require basic computer skills and going online.

On January 8th, the Salinas Public Library launched its Winter Computer Literacy cycle, a ten-week program to teach basic and intermediate computer literacy skills. The Literacy Program team held two orientations on Zoom which were attended by 53 members of the community seeking to improve their digital literacy skills. Staff welcomed 19 new participants alongside those learners returning to hone their skills, or transition to higher levels within the program. The computer literacy program is divided into three class levels that cover everything from turning on your computer and basic keyboard skills, to managing your studies with a digital agenda and spreadsheet. All project-based assignments are self-paced and designed to increase confidence in using technology.

If any adults missed this Orientation, they can be put on a waiting list for the next cycle.  Please contact the Literacy Program at (831) 758-7916 or email staff at computer61918 [at]