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Weekly Take-Home Kits 

Use your hands and imagination to assemble your own project creation.  We will supply the materials and instructions (either written or video) for you to follow along.
Take Home kits will be distributed on Thursdays between 2pm and 6pm, while supplies last. 

June 17: Make Your Own Paper Mache Mask 

Use glue and water to create your own paper mache mask. Paper mache is a fun and easy way to sculpt stunning and original designs.  You can be creative and create a super hero mask, a Halloween mask, or a completely imaginative mask. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

June 24: Wind Chimes

Decorate a small terra cotta pot, string it with colorful beads then hang it up in the wind. Once this project is complete, use the extra beads to make a bracelet and chalk the walk with the included chalk.  Recommended for ages 3 - 8.

July 1: Electric Car

Have fun assembling a DIY electric car using a DC motor, a battery, and two electric cables. This is a great STEM project for kids and young adults ages 6 and up. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

July 8: Wood Slice Painting 

Using acrylic paints, decorate a round slice of wood then hang it up for all to see Examples of several different styles will be included or you can choose to create you own work of art. You can also paint some rocks and even turn some into fun photo holders. Recommended for ages 3 - 8. 

July 15:  STEM Build Plane and Boat

Use your engineering skills to put together a foam boat and plane. Decorate them to match your style!

July 22:  Weaving  

Weave a tale while you weave one of several possible projects. Use the provided yarn and paper plate to weave a bowl or make a bookmark or bracelet with some drinking straws. Also included are finger knitting instructions and other fun yarn ideas. Recommended for ages 4 - 10. 

July 29: Wooden Block Robot 

Use wooden blocks to assemble a fun and simple toy robot.  You do not need to have any tools to complete this project as everything comes already pre-cut.  Have fun and create your own designs.