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The Tech Build Challenge

JUNE 15 - JULY 27
Tuesdays from 3pm - 4pm

This program is a series of DIY engineering and at-home activities that can be put together with inexpensive materials or objects you find around the house. Co-hosted by The Tech, formerly known as The Tech Museum, emphasizes the importance of developing engineering solutions that would be practical in real life.Recommended for children 6 and up.

Sign up for the Design Challenge Activities!  We’ll meet through Zoom and have one-hour workshops to focus on different design challenges. The design challenges will be:

JUNE 15 - Cross the Gap
How would you cross a ravine? Design and build something that will get a small item across an 18-inchgap. No tape or glue allowed.

JUNE 22 - Take Flight
Design and build a paper airplane that can safely transport a passenger at least 6 feet. Your passenger must stay on the plane and be visible from the outside. The goal is to get them to their destination safely!

JUNE 29 - Shelter the Storm
How do birds stay safe in a storm? Design and build a bird home that is strong and sturdy, even when it’s windy!

JULY 13 - Create with Cardboard
Create with cardboard ... no tape or glue allowed!

JULY 20 – Earthquakes
In this challenge, you will build a structure and test it for earthquake safety. Safe structures will have little or no damage after an earthquake.

JULY 27 - Paper Engineering
Can you design and build a paper prototype that you can use in your home?


If you have more information please contact Luis Manzo at Luis.Manzo [at] | Register