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El Gabilan Library

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Stories from Salinas Kids Podcast 
Fridays, June 9th – June 30th from 2PM-3PM at El Gabilan Library. 

The Stories from Salinas Kids Podcast is a unique opportunity for kids aged 8-17 to share their stories, thoughts, and experiences with the world. The program is designed to help kids explore the world of podcasting and learn how to create their own podcast from start to finish.

During the program, kids will have the opportunity to record their own stories and share them with others. They can talk about anything that interests them, from their favorite movies and video games to their hobbies, school, or life experiences.

The program will take place at El Gabilan Library, where kids will be provided with all the necessary equipment and guidance to produce a podcast. They will also have the chance to collaborate with other kids and exchange dialogue.

Once the podcasts are completed, they will be uploaded online where they can be shared with friends and families. The program offers an excellent opportunity for kids to build their confidence, develop their communication skills, and learn valuable technological and creative skills.

Registration is required
Register Online, Parents also have to sign a Photo/Video Release Agreement
This is an audio podcast only, no video.

For more information, contact Luis at Luis.Manzo [at]