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Effective June 1, 2021, Zip Books service is on pause until further notice

Zip Books is a service that allows Salinas Public Library patrons to request books or audiobooks not already owned by the Library and have them delivered to their homes.  Patrons must return the item to the Library when they are done reading it. Zip Books is a statewide project and funded by the California State Library.

Eligibility to use Zip Books service:

  • You must have a Salinas Public Library card in good standing.
  • You can only have 1 Zip Books request at a time. Each Zip Books must be returned before you can request another. 
  • A $2.00 fee for each approved Zip Books request that will be added to your library account.
  • You may only request books or audiobooks that are not already owned by the Library. You may not request items that are out-of-print, not yet published, published within the last 6 months, or cost more than $50.00 for books, and $75.00 for audiobooks and foreign language books.
  • You may only request up to 5 Zip Books per month.

How to request a Zip Book:

  • Complete the Zip Books request form from the link below or print the paper form and submit it in person to the Library.
  • Library staff will review the request to determine eligibility, and send an email update about the status of your request status within one week.
  • If your Zip Books request is approved, you will receive a package containing your requested item and a note on the packing slip indicating ‘Zip Books’. Please keep the packing slip in the book until you return it to the Library.

How to return a Zip Book:

  • Zip Books item must be returned in-person to the Library. Please include the packing slip when you return the item to the Library service desk.
  • You may not return Zip Books in a book drop.
  • All Zip Books must be returned to the Library within 90 days.

Zip Book Request is currently on pause until further notice.