Print, Copy, Fax and Scan Services

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In addition to requesting specific library items using Curbside Service, you can also request Print, Copy, Fax and Scan services starting November 2nd.  These services are available during our Curbside Service hours only. 

How does it work?

  • Staff will conduct all services while patron waits outside the building.
  • Delivery method is "contact-less" curbside.

How much does it cost?

  • Copy and Print service cost $0.10 for black and white, $0.25 for color.  Exact change is required. 
  • No charges for sending outgoing Fax or for digital Scan service. 
  • Salinas Public Library cardholders receive $0.50 credit per day/per cardholder account for printing. Standard charges apply once the credit is used.
  • If a customer does not have exact change, staff will charge their library account. Charges on your library account can be paid online.

Printing Service

  • Print request can be accomodated from an email attachment or USB/flash drive.
  • If printing from an email, you will be asked to send your file to a library email address upon arrival.
  • All documents sent to the library email address will be deleted as soon as the documents have been printed. 
  • Documents are printed only on 8.5 x 11 paper. 
  • Recommended file type: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpeg/.jpg, .png 
  • Staff will not edit or adjust documents to be printed.

Fax Service

  • Only for outgoing fax. No incoming faxes can be received. 
  • Documents must be single-sided on copier grade paper, and include a completed fax form with recipient details. 
  • Faxing will be completed while the customer waits. Be advised that fax service may take up to 5 minutes/page for transmission.
  • If customer provides an email address, an email confirmation is automatically sent for successful transmittion.

Scan Service

  • Documents can be scanned digitally to a mobile phone, email address or USB/flash drive. 
  • Customer must complete a scan form with file destination information.
  • Scanning will be performed by library staff while the customer waits.

Curbside Fax and Scan Request Form