Winter Reading Challenge

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December 20 - January 14
Open to K-12 Salinas Students

The Salinas Public Library invites you to have fun while reading during your winter break. This is your chance  to read some of your favorite books or discover new titles. Read for 15 days and you can earn a FREE book for completing this feat (while supplies last). The challenge is open to K-12 Salinas students and children from December 20 – January 14, 2022. This is not a test or competition, nobody except you is keeping score, so have fun!

You may read books that you already have at home, checkout books from the library or download free e-books and audiobooks to your phone, tablet, or computer through or -- the goal is to read something you enjoy!

You can keep track of your reading via READSquared or with a physical Reading Log available Here and at any of our library locations. 

You may start claiming your prizes as soon as January 4th, through January 28.  To claim a prize, visit the library of your choice.