Summer Reading Program 2020

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Dig Deeper: Read, Discover, Investigate!

June 15 - July 31

Join us for the Summer Learning Challenge, which includes:

  • 7-week reading adventure
  • Fun learning experiences
  • Virtual programs and take-home kits.

Registration begins June 15, 2020 online

You can track your progress online (click the button below, starting on June 15) or, download and print the Reading Log | Watch video tutorials on how to Register through READsquared | Tutoriales en español de como registrarse

Claiming your prize(s)

If you have completed your first 14 days of reading, Complete This Form to claim your free book. You may start claiming your prize as soon as July 6th.

GVirtual Programs and Take-Home Activity Kits:

Curious Kids:

Calling all curious kids!  Dig deep and discover some of the creatures that live in the dirt.  Through stories, songs, activities and crafts, we will learn about dinosaurs, worms, bugs and more.  Each week, a take-home kit of themed crafts activities will be available to pick up from El Gabilan Library.  

Recommended for ages 3-7. 

Fridays at 1pm, June 26, July 3, July 10, July 17, July 24, July 31.

This program will be offered virtually through the online platform Zoom.

Registration is now closed.


Secret Agent Spy Academy:

Top Secret: our new Secret Agent Spy Training is starting soon!  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join the Academy for 4 weeks to learn about secret codes, fingerprints, puzzles and more.  All spies will be provided with a take-home kit with tools and gadgets to complete their training.  Kits will be available to pick up from El Gabilan Library. 

Recommended for ages 7-11.  

Thursdays at 1pm, July 9, July 16, July 23, July 30.

This program will be offered virtually through the online platform Zoom.  Registration is now open.

Take-Home Activity Kits:

Use your hands and imagination to assemble your own project creation.  We will supply the materials and instructional videos for you to follow along.  Kits include:

Wooden Robot | How to Assemble it
Use wooden blocks to assemble a fun and simple toy robot.  You do not need to have any tools to complete this project as everything comes already pre-cut.  Have fun and create your own designs.

DIY Harmonica
Learn how to make a craft stick harmonica. Create an easy and fun instrument using two large popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and a straw.

Dragonfly Helicopter
Assemble  a dragonfly helicopter using a wood stick, rubber bands, styrofoam, and tape. This helicopter flies by blowing air down.  When the propeller blows down, it creates a force upwards which can lift the helicopter.

Circuit Board Game
A circuit is the pathway for electrons.  The circuits in this project consists of wires, a battery and a lightbulb. If you connect all these parts in a complete path, electrons will flow through the circuit from one side of the battery to the other.

Cyanotype Sun Print
Create a sun print using cyanotype paper.  Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print.  This is a fun and easy project, which will allow you to create photographic sun prints from an object of your choice.

Registration begins June 17

Gardening Video Series:

Home gardening is BLOOMING! Whether you’re brand new to gardening or you have a veteran green thumb, we want to hear from you. This year, Adult Summer Reading is launching a gardening video series to showcase your videos to the community. Each video submission counts as one book in our Summer Reading Challenge. Submit a video sharing your favorite gardening tips and tricks and “Dig Deeper” into at-home gardening with our 5 themes: 

Spice Up Your Life
Spice up your cooking routine by introducing fresh herbs to kitchen classics. Help others explore the world of herbs by sharing your knowledge of basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, cilantro, mint and more! Give advice on how to grow and maintain an herb garden, use herbs in the kitchen and elsewhere. 

Good Bug, Bad Bug
Bugs can wreak havoc in a garden but did you know they can also help keep away those unwanted visitors? Trade advice on how to identify the good guys from the bad guys, attract beneficial insects to the yard and control pests without the use of pesticides. 

No Backyard, No Problem
You don’t need to have yard space to have greenery. Whether you have an apartment balcony or a driveway, containers open the world of plants to you. From house plants to veggies to orchard trees, containers offer versatility of use and style. Share tips of your successes with container gardening.  

Have You Ever Killed an Orchid?
I have; more than one. Orchids may have a reputation for being difficult to grow but in reality they make excellent house plants. They are low maintenance, bloom for months each year and can live for a lifetime. Provide insight into orchid care and teach others how to take their orchids from barely surviving to thriving! 

Gardening Tips?
Gardening season is upon us and in full swing. From growing vegetables to flowers to pruning, we want to hear it all. Share your favorite gardening tips and tricks to get others started off on the right foot.  

Learn more on how to submit your video.

Para más información en español, haga clic aquí.

Get On Board, Families!

Travel the world through a series of virtual tours and activities for the entire family.  From Mexico to Italy, from museums to National Parks, this interactive virtual classroom has activities designed for the whole family to explore. Every family is welcome and each adult caring for a child 0-18 years old may also be eligible to enroll.

Registration is required

Free Summer Lunch Program @ Cesar Chavez Library:

Salinas Public Library is partnering with Alisal School District to provide Salinas children and teens free lunch throughout the summer. This program allows anyone under 18 to get a nutritious meal at no cost.  To minimize contact and maintain social distancing, meals will be available by curbside pickup only. Meals will be distributed at the following site:

Cesar Chavez Library
615 Williams Rd.
Mondays & Wednesdays
12:30pm – 1:30pm