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Homebound Services Program


The Salinas Public Library's Homebound Services Program, provides services to city residents who are unable to visit the library because of:
  • Short or Long-term illness
  • Non-driver status (mature drivers, physical challenges, visual disabilities)
  • Other mobility issues

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Why homebound service?
    A: This program fulfills the Library's mission to offer access to provide materials and resources to assist community residents in meeting their personal, educational and recreational information needs.

    Q: Do I need to be a Salinas resident to receive this service?
    A: Yes. Library cards will be issued on the first visit.

    Q: What can I borrow?
    A: We can deliver books, movies, magazines, and audio books. Some materials are also available in Spanish, Korean, Tagalog, Chinese and Japanese.

    Q: How do I know I will get materials I enjoy?
    A: Before bringing materials to you, the program coordinator will call to schedule a home or phone interview to talk about your reading interests. Specific requests are always encouraged.

    Q: When will you be visiting?
    A: After the initial visit, we will schedule monthly visits.

    Q: How long may I borrow the items you bring me?
    A: The lending period for all items through the program is four(4) weeks. You can renew your materials once as long as no other library users are waiting for them.

    Q: Is there any charge associated with homebound service?
    A: No, the service is free. Also, since we schedule pickup of materials, you cannot accrue overdue charges. You are responsible for any loss or damages to library materials.

    Q: How do I sign up?
    A: If you or somebody you know are interested in receiving homebound service, please call the library at (831)758-7409 and talk with the Homebound Services coordinator.

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