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Snappy the Tortoise
Snappy is the Salinas Public Library mascot. Snappy is a male Leopard Tortoise donated to the Library by Jurassic Pets in 2008. Snappy was named by the community through a popular vote.

Snappy has become an AMBASSADOR FOR TURTLES. Snappy joined the Silicon Valley Turtle and Tortoise Club in June of 2015 and now helps educate young children and families about turtles. Snappy will visit the library from time to time to say hi to everyone. To keep in touch with Snappy, "like" him on Facebook or Twitter.

Here is Snappy's Facebook Page

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Check the Tortoise Club Events Calendar to find out where Snappy will be visiting next.

Snappy's Day

Snappy Visits the Library for a Day.

Leopard Tortoise Facts

  • Native to East and South Africa
  • Ectothermic requiring external heat source
  • Average adult size is 22-33 pounds, but can grow to over 80 pounds
  • Shell is made of living tissue and grows as the tortoise grows
  • Leopard Tortoises can live 30 years or more
  • Calcium is the most important mineral in the tortoise diet
  • Leopard Tortoises do not brumate like some other tortoises

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